Mezcal is a Mexican traditional distilled alcoholic beverage made from the Agave plant, the same as Tequila. Although very similar to Tequila, Mezcal has a richer and more smoky taste, some people recognize it because of the "gusano" or worm that they put inside the bottle.
Usually form the region of Oaxaca, Mezcal has always been in the shadow of the booming Tequila industry, but recently there has been a trend and people are starting to show a lot of interest in Mezcal.

Espiritus Mexicanos just launched one of the first premium Mezcal brands called Delirio de Oaxaca.
I was in charge of creating the image, the graphic design, packaging and the design of the bottle. After almost 2 years of hard work we created this elegant art deco bottle inspired by the Agave plant.

This is the evolution of the bottlle, from the first sketch until the finished product.

This is the final bottle of Delirio AƱejo

This is the final bottle of Delirio Reposado