Manai is an architectural project of 12 Luxury Villas in Cabo Marqués, Acapulco, Mexico.
Each villa is totally different, inspired by Bali and Thai architecture.


There was a very dramatic sunset today here in Paris, August 22nd 2011, 8:47PM
I was able to catch a very impressive moment, the dimmed sunset, a lonely cloud with the lightning and the Eiffel Tower.
I was very lucky to capture this moment, it was not a long exposure, just pure (wanted) luck!!!
1/50sec f/7.1
As my friend Adam Waymouth said to me:
"So called luck usually is found at the exact point where preparation meets opportunity..."


Caviar Kaspia Restaurant in Paris is a classic Caviar restaurant originally founded in 1927.
Since the beginning they have used the same iconic image in their caviar cans based on an original drawing made in 1927 (1st image).

Due to lack of modern technology at the time and through more than 75 years printing the same image, the design on the cans had deteriorated, changed and transformed, and was not really the original design anymore.

So I scanned the original drawing and re-created the same image in a graphic illustrator file, tediously working point by point in hundreds of layers. The result is the second image that today we see on each Kaspia caviar can respecting the iconic original design again.


When we created the architectural studio with my brother I created this typography and logo for our company.


I love to play backgammon.
I wanted to design a comfortable playing table where you could sit down and enjoy a few good hours of play.
I wanted something simple and modern and the biggest possible board that would be still comfortable to play and to reach every corner of the board. I wantd the dice not to fly out of the board as well so I did a sunken board that you can turn around and make it a game table where you can play dominoes and cards as well.

The finished product is amazing to play and one of the most comfortable and ergonomig tables I have ever played on.


Mezcal is a Mexican traditional distilled alcoholic beverage made from the Agave plant, the same as Tequila. Although very similar to Tequila, Mezcal has a richer and more smoky taste, some people recognize it because of the "gusano" or worm that they put inside the bottle.
Usually form the region of Oaxaca, Mezcal has always been in the shadow of the booming Tequila industry, but recently there has been a trend and people are starting to show a lot of interest in Mezcal.

Espiritus Mexicanos just launched one of the first premium Mezcal brands called Delirio de Oaxaca.
I was in charge of creating the image, the graphic design, packaging and the design of the bottle. After almost 2 years of hard work we created this elegant art deco bottle inspired by the Agave plant.

This is the evolution of the bottlle, from the first sketch until the finished product.

This is the final bottle of Delirio Añejo

This is the final bottle of Delirio Reposado


Using the same 2 dimentional maze pattern in all six sides of the cube,
it becomes a 3 dimentional kinetic maze table


In 2009 a new PingPong club called Spin opened in the heart of New York City.
They needed a new image so they had a logo competition.
A few designers entered, they never posted the results, this was my proposal but it didn't make it!


During the FIFA World Cup in South Africa 2010
I decided to make a caricature of the Mexican Soccer Team to give them support and send them good vibes.
So I used some traditional Mexican symbols, motifs and characters to create the Mexican Empire.
After 3 days of intense Photoshop work this was the result.
They played a few days later and were eliminated by Argentina!!!


In 2007 organized an open international design competition.
The theme of the competition was "Dining in 2015", and the idea was to design anything from cutlery to tableware.

We were at the end of the year 2007, and thousands of years had passed since the caveman era, so from 2007 to 2015 not much was going to change in our eating habits. So I decided to make an hommage to the caveman!

You could only present 3 slides, my first 2 were text describing the story, and the 3rd slide was my design proposal.
All the typography and drawings were handmade with pencil.

There were 4843 participants from all over the world.
My work was among the 60 finalists.

My proposal was the following:
Dining in 2015 won't change much from today, if we think about the slow evolution between dining in the caveman era and dining today. So my project makes a reference to the caveman era, when sticks, bones, stones and hands were used for eating. Today we have replaced those habits with forks, knives and spoons, but deep inside of us, our human nature always takes us back to our roots. So in 2015 let's go back to basics, be primitive!


One of the most folkloric traditional elements in the Mexican culture is the "Calaca" or skeleton.
I wanted to create one with the most simple possible shape.


This famous photograph taken with a high-speed camera is the result of a milk drop impact into a hard surface, which has always fascinated me. Such a beautiful organic shape is invisible to the human eye as it happens too fast. I wanted to recreate this form to do the base of a table with a clear glass so we can appreciate the beauty of the splash.


The logo of an Octopus, inspired by a handmade stone-block sidewalk in the south of Portugal